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Customer reviews: "The best gift for moms, bosses or friends..."

Let's be honest: the best gift you can give is a hug: one size fits all and no one minds returning it.
However, the second best gift is a good book, which can be opened again and again with something new inside and is theirs forever. Give your friends the gifts of hug and book, the next time they travel, retire, or have a birthday. If they aren't going to be traveling the book will take them. If they are on their way, buy Cavorting With Strangers: Paris.
They'll have fun learning a lot about the City of Light (and so will you). Cavorting With Strangers has been highly praised by (among others), the Boston Globe, ForeWord Magazine, and The Midwest Book Review:
"It reads with quotes, drama, and fictional embellishment, but is nonfiction at its best."

F. Patrick Butler
F. Patrick Butler, author


Cavorting with Strangers - Paris

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Book: Cavorting with Strangers-Paris Reviews

Best gift book rated 5 I am blown away by your book. Brilliant!

Reviewer: D.M., 2010-06-19

D... M... here. Jim received your fabulous book and was so thrilled and honored that you remembered him. He really misses you and would love to talk to you. Is the best phone number to call you on the (813) number? Jim doesn’t like to email. Let me know the best way to reach you by phone so he can catch up. Everyone misses you here. I am blown away by your book. Brilliant. Have only started it but I know I will love it.

My first autographed book! Great gift! rated 5 My first autographed book! Great gift!

Reviewer: Ecaterina Paun, 2010-04-30

This book was a gift from an old friend. English is not my mother tongue language but I was so captivated by the stories I really struggled to read it. It is the best historical fiction books ever! And my first autographed book! A great gift! I strongly recommend it as the best gift for moms, bosses or friends... Thank you!

Gift for friends rated 5 Really enjoyed it as did the two friends I gave it to

Reviewer: Bill, 2009-10-05

Speaking of books - I read "Cavorting ..." and really enjoyed it as did the two friends I gave it to. Not only did I find it fun and interesting but I learned a lot about those people as well. It also resides at The Denver Public Library and The Tattered Cover Book Store. Both were happy to get it and said that someone would read it and --- who knows where it goes from there. And everyone loves your cover and thinks it's wonderful. I'd love to sit down and talk to you about the book and the characters.

retirement gift rated 5 What an incredible piece of work

Reviewer: Bob, 2009-07-28

I'm about halfway through Coco Chanel. If I get some serious reading time on the beach today, I can probably finish the book on the plane on the way home Thursday. What an incredible piece of work. I can't imagine tackling a project of such enormity. Great Job! Any thoughts regarding a future book?

Gift for firends rated 5 Unique gift

Reviewer: Willem, 2008-12-11

Dear Patrick: read your book, very interesting and amusing or rather entertaining. Unique gift. You should perhaps have written more books. All the best, Willem

France/Paris book I loved rated 5 I absolutely loved the book

Reviewer: Vince, 2008-10-03

Dear Patrick: I finished your book. I have some thoughts and will share in no particular order. I absolutely loved the book from page 389 until the finish. I really got into it from "the Airport" until the end. I also really liked the concluding chapters, beginning with Jean-Michel's "Best" Friend... Those were the best written of all ... Really seemed from the heart and very knowledgeable. A unique way of concluding the book. Worked! Jean-Michel was less unlikeable (than Charly), but really, besides being a fairly nice guy and very educated person, there was little compelling about him. Still, reading about damaged people can be interesting, and reading about him WAS interesting. Same for Fausto. Having read existentialism, when I was younger, I though you did a great job with the whole subject. Some of the best part of the book for me.



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